Maslow’s hammer

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail

This is image of Hammer and Nails.
This is image of Hammer and Nails.

“To a man with hammer, everything looks like a nail”. If you face a new problem in your industry or life in general, you might end up with a similar solution that worked in various other situations previously. Even if current problem is not at all similar to previous ones by any means.

An example for this in general life can be, a person who starts seeing money as a solution in different scenarios like Hospital bills, Regular expenses and Instagram lifestyle that gets followers might get anchored to this information and confirms money is solution for all problems in…


My thoughts on Cybersecurity. Current and future trends in cyber industry that a UX Designer should focus on.

Source: (Modified)

Over the innumerable data breaches that have been surfacing in a steady progression, the discussion about user protection and security is getting more significant than any other time in recent memory. (Visualisation for security breaches)

Users expect organizations to be reliable and secure. Security is vital while delivering a usable and dependable service to users. Nevertheless, it is a fine balance between an easy to use service and the one that gets irritating to users because of the number of additional steps it requires to make it more secure.

Major Issues Security Industry Is Facing When It Comes to User Experience

These mistakes are major but also Basic. …


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